Tourism Review News Desk - Feb 7, 2011
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Dubai Duty Free Shop is doing well. It attracts a lot of departing passengers and its annual revenue is growing. In the following years, the shop is planning to expand.

Year 2011 has started very positively for Dubai Duty Free (DDF), the world famous duty free shop at the Dubai International Airport. Compared to year 2009, the sales in 2010 grew by 14% (1.27 billion dollars). Particularly noteworthy rise in sales was recorded in December 2010 - 136 million dollars, which is 13% more than in December 2009. On December 20, 2010 DDF celebrated its 27-year anniversary and only that single day's sales reached $ 18.5 million.

According to the managing director of DDF, Colm McLoughlin, in the year when the sales are plentiful, the level of penetration is growing too: purchases are made by more than 45% of all visitors, with an average departing passenger spending about 46 dollars.

The revenue reached 20.5 million dollars last year, which is 11% more compared to year 2009. The sale of perfumes still holds the leading position as it brought the shop 180.3 million dollars last year. The second and third positions are taken by alcoholic beverages and gold items, respectively.

In 2011, Dubai Duty Free plans to start commercial operations in the passenger terminal at the airport of Al Maktoum International. In 2012, retail trade will be opened in the Concourse 3 at the Dubai International Airport.

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