Chris Grad - Oct 4, 2010
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More and more people realize that bicycles can be much more useful than cars. A bicycle is cheap and in a city sometimes, considering the traffic jams, even faster than a car. Bikes are ecological and also keep their owners in good health. Bicycles are often a favorite means of transport for travelers exploring their destination. This is why several cities, such as Vienna or London, decided to provide rent-a-bike services, where you rent a bike and then return it in other part of the city. brings you the top 5 most bicycle friendly cities in the world according to

5/ Montreal, Canada

Montreal has recently invested 134 million dollars to revamp and establish new biking trails. Part of the plan was also expanding the number of bicycle friendly lock points. Currently, there are 2,400 miles of bicycle trails available to the locals as well as tourists. Montreal also has the first urban bike share infrastructure in the North America. It is called Bixi bike sharing program and provides over 5,000 bicycles and 400 stations.  

4/ Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba in Brazil is considered to be one of the best planned cities in the world. No wonder that according to the American magazine Reader's Digest, it is also the best place to live in Brazil. Brazilians have made a commitment to eco friendly fuels and alternative transportation methods and in 2010 the city was awarded the Globe Sustainable City Award. The bike infrastructure is very good in Curitiba and bicycles are thus quite popular among the local community.

3/ Bogota, Colombia

Only 13% of all inhabitants in Bogota own cars so the city does not need any special campaign to support the bike traffic as is the case in the U.S. and Europe. Riding a bike is a matter of need there. It is no wonder that Bogota has become a bicycle friendly city.

2/ Copenhagen, Denmark

The landscape of Denmark is quite flat, which makes it easy for the locals as well as visitors to use bikes for traveling to work or for pleasure. According to the statistics, 32% of all Copenhageners ride a bike to work on regular basis. The city has repeatedly been recognized as one of the communities with the best quality of life and is also viewed as one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities. No wonder that the local town hall offers the visitors rental bikes for free.

1/ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Similarly to Denmark, the Netherlands is a very flat country, which makes it an ideal destination for cycling, even for those who are not that much trained. Nearly 40% of all commutes in the city are done on bike. Locals as well as tourists can also rent a public bike for a reasonable price. Many visitors thus opt for bicycles when sightseeing and exploring the city’s canals, parks and museums.

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  1. Bicycle network

    Bicycle friendly cities are getting more and more popular thus attracting more and more eco friendly tourists. Riga, Latvia recently have made it's first bicycle network in town. BalticBike offers tourist to rent a bicycle and give it back in other part of the town.

    Irma (Latvia)
  2. Bogota UNFRIENDLY to bikes

    Bogota is NOT cycling friendly. The traffic is terrible and crazy, and though some arteries have bike lanes they are NOT respected and generally are on sidewalk areas requiring you to ride over curbs. Only one day a week, when they close some roads on Sunday, do I cycle. Bogota motorists would just as soon run you down as let you through an intersection.

    Paul (Colombia)

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