Larry Brain - Jun 2, 2014
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A study conducted by travel and hospitality industry experts shows all the prices for staying in Brazil, depending on the city and the phase of the World Cup. On average, a soccer fan will spend around US$370 per day. Costs are calculated by keeping in mind the average price per night for a standard double room.

Average lodging prices for:

-First phase: US$340
-Final Eight: US$280
-Quarter-finals: US$310
-Semi-finals: US$260
-Bronze medal round (Brasilia): US$520
-Final (Rio de Janeiro): US$380

In the first phase of the Argentina games, the clash against the Bosnian team on June 15 in Rio de Janeiro presents the most expensive lodging prices with an average of US$320 per night.

The hotels in Cuiaba for the date of the face-off between Chile and Australia have an average of US$780 per night, being the most expensive date of the Cup.

The cheapest night for lodging during the Final Eight is found in Belo Horizonte, on June 28, where staying one night will cost, on average, US$180. On the other hand, Brasilia presents the most expensive price where tourists will pay an average of US$530.

For the quarter-finals, Brasilia continues being the most expensive city with hotel prices reaching US$510 on June 5. For the final stretch of the World Cup, it's more expensive to stay in Brasilia to see the game for third place (US$520) than staying in Rio de Janeiro (US$380) and seeing the final game of the Cup.

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