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World's best diving sites, crystal clear waters, as well as ancient Mayan temples, deep rainforests and active volcanoes – that is Central America in a nutshell. invites you to discover some of the most amazing sights and wonders of the region announced by


Beach lovers, adventurers as well as history lovers – they all head to Belize sandwiched between thick jungles and the Caribbean Sea. Wild animals, forests, palm-dotted shores as well as several Mayan sites lure many tourists to the country every year. Caracol, for instance, is the largest known Mayan site in Belize and covers over 77 sq kilometers. Divers on the other hand come to explore the famous Great Blue Hole that is 145 m deep and 400 m wide.

Costa Rica

Adventurous souls desiring close encounters with nature should choose Costa Rica with its 26 national parks for their holiday. Local jungles, crater lakes, waterfalls as well as smoldering volcanoes have tempted many a traveler to this country called in English “Rich Coast”. One of the popular attractions, which is best admired from distance, is Arenal Volcano – the youngest volcano in Costa Rica. After it erupted unexpectedly in 1968 it is one of the most active and threatening volcanoes in the world.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a country full of raw beauty, colonial ambiance, as well as fabulous art. One of the popular destinations is Perquin, a little town encompassed by green pine groves and coffee plantations. History enthusiasts can visit the local Museum of the Revolution, which tells the story of the country’s civil war era. El Salvador and especially El Sunzal is also quite attractive for surfers who are well aware of the fabulous beaches available. No wonder the country is gradually transforming into the surf capital of the world.


Numerous ancient Mayan sites as well as fabulous coast with top-level hotels – Guatemala offers both types of holidays. On the one hand, the country is absorbed in the pre-Columbian history, and on the other, it provides quality modern-day services to exacting tourists. History fans can explore the perfectly preserved colonial architecture and authentic flair in one of Guatemala's loveliest cities – Antigua. Its most famous landmark however is a majestic volcano – Volcan de Agua. Among the Mayan sites, Tikal is probably the best known. Visitors as well as locals agree that Tikal is one of the greatest urban achievements of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.


Honduras is a favorite destination not only for vacation makers who seek turquoise waters, ancient ruins, and untraversed jungles. The country’s folklore and art are also reasons to spend several days among the locals. Unbelievable artistic heritage can be found for instance in the ruins of Copan where enormous face sculptures are the major highlight. As one of the best preserved centers of Maya civilization the ruins are the key tourist attraction in Honduras.


Swimming in a crater lake, climbing an active volcano and diving with sharks are only some of the options on offer in Nicaragua. Get ready for ‘erupting’ vacation and climb Volcan Concepcion. Although it has been frequently erupting since 1883 brave travelers of good stamina can climb up to the top and enjoy a view of the surrounding Lake Nicaragua. Cordillera de Maribios with its 21 volcanic cones, of which five remain active, is also popular among adventurers daring to discover the beauty of conquering an active volcano. Although the country offers only poor tourist infrastructure and is notoriously known for unstable political situation for some travelers Nicaragua is a perfect holiday pick.


Panama is the destination of choice only for the most adventurous globetrotters thanks to frequent guerrilla fights as well as rough rainforests and deadly animals. However, the country also boasts numerous friendly national parks, lush hills to trek and adorable islands. One of the Panama’s tourist magnets is the Archipielago de Bocas del Toro with its crystal clear waters, swaying palms and idyllic atmosphere. Coiba National Park on the other hand is a haven for explorers, bird watchers and divers. Its 38 islands have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site which speaks volumes of how amazing its forests and adjacent waters are.

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  1. I don't know what Guerilla warfare you are talking about, unless you refer to the Darien Gap, which is far removed from the tourist highlights of Panama.

    Panama is a pleasant, peaceful country that has everything Costa Rica has to offer, and more (aka Panama Canal, and Panama City - a very pleasant city, compared to San Jose, CR where I did not feel safe walking in the street). )

    Costa Rica is victim to its own success. Due to its very succesful marketing campaign in the past decae, Costa Rica prices have skyrocketed, for something you can get for less than half price in Costa Rica.

    Niklas (Spain)

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