Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jun 19, 2007
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According to prevailing standards, family holidays are still a very popular way for women to take their much needed time off. However, this trend may change in a few years’ time. The situation is changing due to a few reasons. Women have become more independent and with the increasing quality of services in popular destinations, they are willing to spend more time traveling without their husbands, boyfriends or family.


According to recent studies, it is especially Asian women who have started to travel like never before. Young teenagers, successful business women or energetic grandmothers – they all seem to have discovered the bliss of traveling. This situation is partially caused by a changing lifestyle in the Asian countries; however there are several other important aspect of their openness to travel solo or with a few companions.


First of all, the studies have focused on what the women actually seek when on holiday. Their number one concern is safety. Many hotels have therefore started offering secure and separate floors for women.


Furthermore, the survey has proved that women like to be very well prepared and informed prior to their departure. Also, they tend to appreciate a ‘full package’ trips, which includes transportation, airline ticket, accommodation, quality food and occasional trips when on the spot. They tend to gather all the information from the internet, therefore the travel agents are encouraged to upgrade their online technologies or even create women-only travel websites.


Women are turning into a number one force on the tourism market and even though they seem to be a very demanding tourist group they are well worth to focus on.

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