Andrea Hausold - Dec 5, 2021
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One of the trends clearly seen over the last two years of the pandemics is the rising popularity of camping as well as motorhome holidays. However, what about the winter season? Is it even possible to enjoy winter camping as well? How should the holidaymakers prepare for the season?

Motorhome holidays in a snow-covered landscape can be a special experience – if the vehicle is adapted to the harsh conditions. One distinction is crucial here: Is the vehicle winter-suitable or winter-proof?

Winter-suitable motorhomes are only suitable for outside temperatures down to zero degrees and no less, according to experts. The vehicles only have a conditionally frost-proof water system. The heating system is also weaker.

Winter-proof motorhomes, on the other hand, also function at sub-zero temperatures. For example, the European standard EN1646-1, which states that the interior of winter-proof motorhomes must be able to warm up to 20 degrees within two hours at an outside temperature of minus 15 degrees. The water system must remain frost-free and function properly. It should be possible to recharge and replace the batteries.

Proper Ventilation and Heating

Proper heating and ventilation in the motorhome are the most important aspects of winter camping. However, ventilation is often underestimated – just as it is in houses. The result: condensation and moisture in the vehicle. The experts, therefore, advise five minutes of airing in the morning and five minutes in the evening.

Heating in winter is not only elementary for the occupants, but also for the motorhome: it prevents water from freezing in pipes and tanks. The wastewater tank, which is usually located outside the heated interior, should also be kept warm. Experts recommend an electronic heater for the wastewater tank or integrating the water tank into the air heater.

For supplies, winter campers should choose a campsite where gas bottles can be exchanged or refilled. To keep the batteries running at full capacity, the experts advise connecting the vehicle to the mains as often as possible.

Essentials for Winter Camping

According to the experts, winter equipment is recommended to make a camping holiday more pleasant in the cold season. This includes insulating mats for windows and floors, electric heating mats for warm feet, a thermal bonnet over the entire front to prevent the windscreen from icing up, ice scrapers and defroster spray. Snow chains should also be on board.

Well-equipped travelers can enjoy their winter camping holiday as much as in the summer season. In some destinations, winter offers quite a different experience, fascinating landscape and lots of fun, especially for families.

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