Andrew J. Wein - Feb 18, 2024
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Some travelers opt for active vacations, while others prefer relaxing on a beach or exploring foreign cities. However, all travelers share a common desire to feel safe while traveling. Where are the most dangerous cities in Europe?

Tourist security statistics are regularly published to guide travelers. The Numbeo database also releases a corresponding ranking every six months based on thousands of pieces of user feedback.

To create the list, individuals are asked about their sense of security. The ranking is based solely on the subjective perceptions of the people who participate in the survey and is determined using various criteria.

For instance, experts inquire about concerns related to robberies, break-ins, drug problems, racism, and corruption in the city. They also ask whether respondents fear physical attacks due to their gender or religion.

According to the survey, only those cities for which enough people participated in the survey are included in the dangerous cities in Europe ranking.

The city of Marseille in France has been ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe due to the high rate of drug crimes, robberies, and thefts reported by survey participants. Many residents don't feel safe walking on the streets at night. Coventry in England comes second, with residents reporting fear of drug crimes, robberies, and burglaries. Birmingham, in England, is in third place, dealing with several criminal problems. Naples, in southern Italy, and Montpellier, in France, complete the top five. Other cities on the list include Catania in Sicily, Grenoble in southeastern France, Liège in Belgium, Paris in France, and Malmö in southern Sweden. Malmö suffers from the most severe gang crime, making it the first city in Northern Europe to appear on the list, ranking 10th.

Many large yet popular European cities are in the top quarter of the crime rankings. Among the safest cities in Europe, some places are very popular with travelers, such as Munich, Ljubljana, Tallinn, and Reykjavik.

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