James Morris - Oct 14, 2008

TripAdvisor recently conducted a survey which threw up some, if not surprising, then very interesting results. There have always been the stereotypical views of American people being absolutely uninterested in the environment and green issues. The results of the survey, carried out on 3000 US citizens, suggest that these stereotypical views are at least changing on the American side of the Atlantic. Many of those questioned claimed that they plan to take a green holiday in the near future, most probably in the form of a trip to some national park or other eco-friendly places.


On a similar note, the notion that Americans think that exercises belong only to text books, is not quantified in the survey by the fact that 33% of those surveyed said that they would like to go on a hiking or cycling trip. Perhaps less physically yet more psychologically straining, 11% claimed that they would like to try some of the extreme sports whilst on holiday.


Less surprising information includes the fact that most said that the cost of fuel and exchange rates are important factors in making their choice of holiday. This is not surprising as the changes in both areas for American citizens over the past few years have been quite significant.


24% admitted to thinking about work whilst on holiday and the amount of people who check their email account is rising too. It seems that the words ‘holiday’ and ‘vacation’ are losing their original meaning. To unpleasant issues: children kicking the back of the seat on the plane has been labelled the number one faux pas, whereas many Americans seem to view being away from home as a health risk, especially in terms of hygiene. 60% of those questioned said they wash their hands more often when on holiday. St. George in Utah is the top future destination in the US, whereas Budoni in Sardinia is the number one named hotspot for American tourists in years to come.


  1. In what not to do before you die - the picture does not seem to be of the Taj


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