Jan 26, 2016
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The tourism industry of Canada has had to shake things up a little bit with the decline of the Canadian dollar. The beneficial exchange rate was fun while it lasted but now the usual destinations just don't have the same appeal and many citizens are opting for a staycation instead. There are always alternatives for keen travellers that want to get away; the choice of many Canadian gamblers, however, is not what the authorities had in mind.

Travellers are having to think outside the box a little this year.

There are many tourism experts that will try and sell the best deal for a foreign holiday while protecting a traveller's budget. Travellers are encouraged to look into tours and package deals that manage the costs more effectively or to focus on companies that offer deals with the Canadian dollar in mind – such as Disney's at par hotel rates. Others suggest that travellers broaden their horizons to look for a cheap deal in an unusual location. The point is that that the familiar destinations, like the sun-soaked hotspots of the US and Mexico, are now a little beyond the budget of the average traveller. So what are the jet-setting gamblers of Canada to do? Do they hold off on a trip to the strip of Las Vegas and settle for a staycation in a Canadian alternative?

Why travel on expensive holidays to foreign casinos when online, offshore establishments offer so much.

The US should be a tempting prospect for gamblers in Canada. With just a short flight over the border or a well-planned road trip, Canadians can enjoy one of the 1500 destinations and casinos that the country has to offer. The problem for tourism boards hoping for a few Canadian visitors is that Canada has a better option. The choice is simple: spend all that money on a trip down South and potentially get in serious debt or play online from the comfort of their own homes. Online gambling is a much bigger deal in Canada and there are lots of gaming sites available across the provinces. What is interesting, however, is that these gamblers would much rather play via offshore operators. Whether the Canadian authorities like them or not, these offshore models are often more appealing – if users can gain access. Sites like Royal Vegas are not only able to offer a greater variety of games, they have a longer history and a loyal base of trusting users.

There is definitely more than one problem with the Canadian dollar.

This leaning towards offshore gambling sites is not all that encouraging from an economic standpoint. The poor shape of the dollar means that more Canadians should be spending their money on home turf, yet the appeal of sites like Royal Vegas Canada means that an estimated CA$100 is leaving Alberta alone and heading to offshore businesses. As far as the gamblers are concerned, if these offshore sites can make things easier for them in this economy, why not make the most of it.

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