Tourism Review News Desk - Jan 13, 2009
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For nearly 130 years, the water tower in Germany’s city of Cologne did not attract any particular attention. It was the tallest tower in Europe, which does count as a valid first. However, in 1990 it was transformed into a bizarre hotel. The Wasserturm Hotel is now one of the major tourist attractions in Cologne – it has history, it has style, and most importantly, it represents an ingenious idea.

The hotel is located slightly outside of the city centre. It takes convenient twenty minutes by taxi from the airport. The building itself is a true spectacle. Classic 19th century appeal of the façade creates a mood of unpretentious luxury and style. On entering the hotel, one may feel rather shocked at how contrasting it is. The modern design and masterly use of space immediately impress all visitors. Andrée Putman, the interior designer, who worked on the transformation aimed at such effect.

The rooms are a combination of style and practicality. There are all - single and double rooms as well as maisonettes and suites available. The geometry of the water tower allows interesting design experiments and fashionable interior decorations. Especially the 11th floor restaurant, La Vision, presents an unrivalled view over the city of Cologne. La Vision is an extraordinary restaurant, praised by many – in fact, it has been awarded the Michelin star, the highly-esteemed testimonial of a restaurant’s top quality.

The Wasserturm Hotel is a very unique and elegant hotel. By enormous luck, perhaps, did the building survive WW II bombings – and now belongs to the most characteristic symbols of Cologne.

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