Nils Kraus - May 23, 2011
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Ernest Hemingway died on 2nd June 1961. Hotel Gritti Palace is commemorating his death by offering an authentic four course menu he ate when in Venice. The menu was recreated with the help of archive documents and interviews.

Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Ernest Hemingway's death in a special way. Visitors can now enjoy the very menu that the famous American writer ate when staying in the hotel.

The hotel restaurant’s chef “reconstructed” the menu based on an archive document and interviews with people who met Hemingway in the hotel. Among them is also one of Hemingway’s friends, a Venetian nobleman Gianfranco Ivancich.

The writer and Nobel Prize winner was staying in the hotel for several months while recovering from an airplane crash, reported The accident happened when he went for a trip to Uganda with his wife. Unfortunately, he suffered additional injuries in an explosion as he was being taken to get medical care.

Hemingway got burnt, his skull was fractured, and his liver and kidney were damaged. Surprisingly to many, he survived and chose Venice for his recovery. Reportedly, he refused any further medical treatment except the local Italian cuisine including scampi and Valpolicella wine.

The recreated Hemingway’s menu consists of scampi risotto with crustacean bisque. Second course is ginger- and honey-flavored duck in aged port sauce. As a dessert a chocolate cigar in bourbon sauce is served as a reminder of Hemingway’s love for Cuba and whisky. The last course is Friandises biscuits. The 88 EUR menu also includes two glasses of Valpolicella or Soave wine.

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