Chris Grad - Mar 16, 2015
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The Spanish city of Valencia is one of the most beloved destinations among foreign tourists – especially Italians, as confirm by the data for 2014.

From January to December, the city set up a new record of 4,015,000 overnight stays, 4% more than in 2013. Similarly, the overall number of visitors was a new record – 2.6% more than in 2013, bringing the occupancy rate of accommodation providers to 65%, 3% more than in the previous year.

2014 confirmed the popularity of Valencia among Italian holidaymakers accounting for 458,000 stays, more than twice as much as Netherlands (205,000), UK (192,000) Germany (178,000) and France (175,000.) Italy also holds the record of overall visitors reaching 164,600 in 2014.

This outcome owes a lot to the international and differentiated approach adopted by Turismo Valencia, which managed to invert the demand, consolidating a rate of 60% international stays vs. 40% domestic ones.

As far as promotion is concerned, Turismo Valencia will rely on the same strategy that brought success in recent times: internationalization, diversification, deseasoning and segmentation. The objective is to attract more international tourists from more countries and with different interests: cuisine, culture, sport, family and MICE tourists, cruises.

Italy will keep playing a major role. Leading country for both arrivals and overnight stays, the Italian market is likely to keep its strategic importance for Valencia. In this regard, Turismo Valencia has a great number of initiatives in store for both tourist operators and travelers like travel fairs, local initiatives, online and social media campaigns.

On March 20-22 Turismo Valencia, Familygo and Bimboinviaggio will attend Modena Children's Tour. Both Turismo Espana and Turismo Valencia will also attend other important events in Italy, such as "La Spagna a Napoli" (Spain in Naples, 23-26 April,) "La Spagna a Porta di Roma" (Spain in Porta Roma, May 8-10.) Last but not least, for the Milan EXPO Valencia will organize an important culinary event about Valencia’s acclaimed cuisine.

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