Nik Fes - May 17, 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on the tourism industry worldwide. However, some countries see the light at the end of the tunnel, also thanks to successful vaccination campaigns. One of these countries is Europe’s microstate San Marino currently riding the wave of vaccine tourism.

According to data, 75 % of the country’s population have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. And of these 90 % received the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. To date, the state hospital is practically Covid-free with only one patient hospitalized and no patients in intensive care.

Vaccine Tourism Campaign Launched

As a result of this positive development, the country has decided to combine the vaccination campaign with tourism. The goal is to offer vaccination to other nationals and at the same time support the decimated tourism sector.

In this context, the government of San Marino has decided to offer two doses of the Sputnik V vaccine along with an overnight stay of at least three nights twice in 21 days for a total of 50 euros.

Almost Everyone Eligible

“The Russian vaccine Sputnik V allows us to launch a vaccine tourism campaign. It is possible to vaccinate foreigners who do not live in San Marino and who are not Italian citizens with Sputnik V. The campaign project is prepared, we can launch it from May 17,” the country’s Minister of Tourism, Federico Pedini Amati, said last week.

He added that tourists wishing to be vaccinated will have to book hotel rooms at least a week before their stay and plan another trip 21 to 28 days later to receive the second dose.

With this move, the country is somewhat “taking advantage” of its non-membership in the European Union for the emergence of new tourism opportunities. The EU, in the meantime, has not approved the Russian vaccine, though it is currently under review of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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