Laura Maudlin - Aug 7, 2023
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Several well-known tourist destinations in Italy are imposing restrictions to manage visitor influx. Baunei, a town in Sardinia, has set a cap of 300 individuals per day for beachgoers at Cala dei Gabbiani and Cala Biriala. However, the most extensive beach, Cala Mariolu, can accommodate up to 700 people daily. Mayor Stefano Monni explained that the previous practice of having thousands of sunbathers crowded together in one location daily is no longer feasible, hence the need for these measures.

While some of the bans in Italy may seem trivial, they can result in fines. For example, wearing rattling wooden sandals, known as wooden broccoli, on Capri can result in a fine. Additionally, getting a massage on various Italian beaches, including those in Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and the Adriatic coast, is prohibited, with a fine of 100 euros for the person receiving the massage. Although sometimes peculiar, these prohibitions can result in frustrating fines while on vacation in Italy.

In Italy, there are strict rules regarding certain offenses that may seem minor. For instance, there are "red zones" in Portofino where stopping is prohibited. This ensures traffic flows smoothly and escape routes remain clear. The town center and nearby beaches fall within this "red zone." Those who violate this rule may face fines ranging from 68 to 275 euros.

A ban has been implemented at Spaggia della Pelosa, a beach in northern Sardinia, to safeguard the sandy beach from erosion caused by visitors' towels. The ban allows only the use of mats instead of towels. Any ban violation may result in a fine of 100 euros or more.

Be careful on vacation in Italy: there is a risk of high fines.

Lake Garda is a well-known tourist destination with strict visitor regulations. The city police have prohibited any activities involving running, throwing objects, pushing or pulling people or things outside of designated areas in the "sea area." It is also against the rules to splash passing pedestrians with water for amusement or games. Loud shouting, singing, or playing musical instruments are also subject to fines. L'Adige reported that violators on Lake Garda face penalties ranging from 100 to 600 euros.

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