Michael Trout - Jun 19, 2023
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This summer, there were unprecedented numbers of planes flying across the Atlantic and a surge in the sale of US holidays to Europe. Experts are surprised by the trend of U.S. citizens traveling to Europe, describing it as "madness."

Many travel agents were interviewed to confirm the impression that this year has been unprecedented in the USA. Some travel agencies specializing in European destinations report that over 95 percent of their capacity has already been sold.

Allianz, a major insurance company, has reported a 55% rise in the number of Americans traveling to Europe. London is the most popular destination—one out of four transatlantic travelers visits the British capital, leading to congestion at Heathrow Airport.

Air-tracking portals have reported that Europe is currently experiencing its busiest period over the last five years, causing prices to increase by an average of $300.

Hotel prices have also risen, with American Express confirming a 10% increase in Paris, 9% in Stockholm, and 8% in Dublin.

Despite previous claims that things would not return to normal after Covid, tourism is growing faster.

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