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Countless tourist sites are spread throughout the United States, attracting new visitors every year. While some of them are considered the best tourist attractions in the country, many travelers end up feeling disappointed after visiting them. Thus, it might be a better idea to skip these tourist spots altogether. Keep reading to discover which attractions Tourism Review suggests travelers should avoid.

The Washington Monument

Washington, D.C., has many iconic landmarks, including the Washington Monument. While the Monument offers a great view of the city, most of the structures in the American capital are low enough to the ground that a view from the Monument is unnecessary.

Moreover, the Monument's policies require guests to arrive surprisingly early in the morning, only to compete for the limited eight windows at the top of the structure. Therefore, there are better ways to spend your day in D.C. It is better to admire the Monument from the outside than to enter it.

The Hollywood Sign

Hollywood, the movie-making capital of the world, is a popular tourist destination where people come to see the iconic Hollywood sign in person. However, touching the sign is illegal, so visitors can only get as close as certain hiking trails that take people up and above the sign.

Although it might be tempting to get a closer view, the sign is best viewed from a distance as a photo opportunity. Instead of focusing solely on the Hollywood sign, visitors to Los Angeles should explore the city's famous museums, restaurants, and clothing stores to get the most out of their visit.

Times Square

Many travel guides suggest that first-time visitors to New York should visit Times Square. Located in the middle of Manhattan, the area is known for its chain of restaurants and stores, people in dazzling costumes, and giant advertisements lit up throughout the day.

However, some people find Times Square overwhelming due to the large crowds it attracts. As the world's most popular tourist attraction, it's always filled with people. Furthermore, the shops and restaurants there are not unique to New York and can be found in most American cities.

The Statue of Liberty

It's important to note that skipping the Statue of Liberty during a visit to New York City is not recommended. However, taking the ferry to Liberty Island may not be the best option for those more interested in seeing the statue rather than going inside it. Instead, visitors can take a different ferry to Staten Island, which is free to ride and offers a spectacular view of France's most famous gift.

The Venetian Gondolas in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has plenty of well-known tourist attractions, including the Venetian gondolas. These rides are modeled after the famous gondolas in Italy, operated by costumed paddlers who take riders around the surrounding hotel and shops.

However, it is unfortunate that the Venetian gondolas could not be further from the authentic Italian experience. Past riders have described the ride as floating through chlorinated colored pool water for less than 15 minutes. The only things to look at are the other tourists gambling or shopping in the mall. Furthermore, the ride is costly, with a private ride for two costing $116.

Mount Rushmore

The sculpture carved into South Dakota's Mount Rushmore is a magnificent sight to behold and a symbol of American patriotism. However, it may not meet one's expectations when seen in person. Visiting only if you are in the area is recommended, as there is nothing else besides the beautiful Black Hills. Additionally, the sculpture may appear smaller in person as compared to photographs. Therefore, those planning a memorable trip to see it should consider their options before making any plans.

World Of Coca-Cola

The World of Coca-Cola Museum in Georgia provides information about the famous soda. However, some visitors have complained that the experience feels like an extended advertisement that requires payment. Additionally, some guests were unhappy with the lack of information about the company's history beyond the invention of the formula. The museum also includes a tasting room, which can become chaotic with large crowds. Many visitors were disappointed to exit through a sizeable gift shop, which further commercializes the entire experience.

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