Sara Thopson - Jun 17, 2019
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A new book and website called “Untourist Guide to Amsterdam” aims to connect local residents with the visitors – through, among other activities, fake weddings. The ensuing one-day honeymoon of the visitor and an Amsterdammer includes the exploration of the city’s less popular sights.

The guide has been launched in collaboration with the city marketing organization and local businesses. The main idea of the whole project is to encourage the tourists to explore the less-known parts of Amsterdam and thus provide solution to overtourism. Other activities include collecting plastic in the canal, a boat tour guided by refugees, pulling out the weeds in an urban farmhouse, or even accompanying an elderly person for a walk.

In 2018, Amsterdam welcomed about 21 million people which led to several campaigns like Enjoy and Respect, which fights against littering and urinating in public.

From June to January, visitors can now bid, starting at €100, for a different bride or groom each month. The person they marry then presents the city in an unusual way during their one-day honeymoon.

Friends and family can come too, as long as the money they pay cover all the activities. Moreover, part of the money goes to a charity chosen by the local bride or groom.

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