Tourism Review Offers Brand New Opportunity for Multilingual Tourism Promotion

Denise Chen - Jan 31, 2013

The Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN) is now offering brand new opportunities for partners to access tourism promotion tools and industry news through several different language editions.

Tourism Review has announced the launch of a one stop shop multilingual tourism news channel, allowing marketers and advertisers to target specific travel markets based on language. Each “Language Edition” provides a resource for distributing messages over a large number of developing and developed travel markets. The eight languages currently supported include English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Czech and Slovak, Russian, and Arabic.

The largest publishing source of tourism industry news and other information, with a focus on multilingual support, TRDN allows advertisers to reach many different travel markets across the world. Stakeholders have access to publicity tools such as a range of advertorial materials, plus a press release wire affording access to news across the industry, regardless of the language of the reader, in one of eight supported native languages. Access to advertising banners, video promotion, and social media is available. Multilingual intros with descriptions, logos, and hyperlinks on global tourism directories are also supported.

Tourism Review is now offered in eight of some of the world’s most popular languages. The Spanish Edition has the potential to reach over 200 million Internet users among a population of 420 million people, or over 6% of the world’s population, expanding travel marketing reach into countries such as Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Over 50 million French-speaking Internet users are spread across the world in 29 different countries. A huge potential for advertising travel destinations and travel services in multiple languages is therefore anticipated.

In addition, Tourism Review Russian Edition now allows stakeholders to reach out to the over 68 million Internet users who speak Russian, a number expected to grow to over 90 million this year. With a spread over 10 countries, the language demonstrates an enormous potential for penetration into this travel trade community. TRDN also recently announced an Arabic Edition, broadening the scope its travel news and publicity services to over 100 million Arabic speaking Internet users. Industry stakeholders across the Middle East also have access to a range of tools and news to bolster their market potential.

Together, the eight language editions enable Tourism Review to expand the potential size of travel markets worldwide, and the potential for promoting and advertising. Multilingual news channels offer resources for daily news plus a weekly travel newsletter and tourism industry e-magazine. The TRDN now serves as a one stop shop for effectively promoting travel information on an international scale.

To learn more about the Tourism Review Digital Network, access one of eight of the site’s Language Editions, and to find numerous tourism industry resources, visit Editions for English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Czech and Slovak, Russian, and Arabic speakers are now available.




About Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN):

Multilingual news channels for travel industry stakeholders: daily news, weekly travel newsletter, tourism industry e-magazine, press release wire.

Tourism Review, The Respected Voice of Tourism, already speaks 8 languages and therefor reaches travel industry professional in their local languages. These in-market, multilingual approach, is unique and gives to our partners opportunity to penetrate local travel markets through an extensive publicity tools, smart online advertising, and local social media. The Tourism Review Digital Network is the one stop shop for getting promotion internationally comprehensively in effective way.

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