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Ashley Nault - Jan 28, 2013

The Tourism Review Digital Network (TRDN) has introduced the Tourism Review Arabic Edition to address the language needs in developing travel markets in the Middle East.

The Tourism Review Arabic Edition has been launched as part of the TRDN overall expansion strategy. Intended to penetrate developing travel markets, this new venture demonstrates the potential for the travel industry in Arabic speaking markets. It also increases the potential for the advertising of travel destinations and services in the Middle East.

With the Arabic Edition of TRDN, the size of the travel market and its potential and opportunities in advertising and promotion to consumers in Gulf Countries is also demonstrated. This edition is one of eight language editions of TRDN that allow travel partners to establish online campaigns to promote services in local travel markets in native languages.

As with all editions, the Tourism Review Arabic Edition maximizes the potential for publicity, advertising, and video promotion in addition to listings in global tourism directories. Press release publication and distribution is also boosted. Promotional options also include the use of social media to expose local markets and expand advertising opportunities. With the introduction of this new language edition, marketers have access to 360 million Arabic speaking individuals, representing 5% of the world’s population.

The Arabic Edition also reaches out to 100 million Arabic speaking Internet users, maximizing the potential for growth. For example, Egypt has 82 million citizens and 25 million Internet users, while nearly 20 million people use the Web in Saudi Arabia and the UAE combined. The reach of TRDN into the Middle Eastern travel market is therefore maximized and Arabic speakers worldwide can take advantage of the company’s travel services.

When it comes to travel, the Internet is a major force even in the Gulf region. An Arab Advisors Group survey said that in 2011, airline ticket and hotel room booking were the top services purchased online in Saudi Arabia. It also found that about 84% of e-commerce users paid for airline tickets, and 49% hotel reservations. The Tourism Review Arabic Edition seeks to capture a portion of these demographics and additional Internet users whose travel planning could be aided with a website written in their local language.

The Tourism Review Digital Network is available in Arabic, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and Czech and Slovak editions. For more details and tourism industry news in Arabic, go to the Tourism Review Arabic Edition website at




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