Larry Brain - Sep 2, 2008

The history and culture of Israel is a tempting aspect of this country and has been attracting adventurers for centuries. The political climate and not very stable international relations with some of the neighboring countries have put Israel in the shadow of tourist appeal. However, many are willing to take the risk and visit the Holy Land. The commonly frequented tourist sites such as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv have put Israel on the traveler’s map. Almost every visitor to Israel considers these as the must-see places. However, there are other ‘hidden’ treasures here, which tend to be overlooked. One of these is the Arava region.


The Arava is located half-way between the Dead Sea and the city of Eilat, close to the Red Sea. At first sight, it may not be perceived as the most amiable area, as it is one of the driest regions. However, there are many charms which are waiting to be discovered.


For many centuries, the famous Spice Route used to lead through Arava. Day trips to the dessert are available for the enthusiastic visitors who may choose to ride on donkeys and camels.


Accommodation possibilities here are very diverse. B&B are the most usual places to stay, however, hostels are also available. A very interesting experience is staying in a traditional Beduin tent. Making day-trips to the surrounding areas is very popular among those who come here. The Sapir Park and the “Vanishing Valley”, or the Antelope Park are the must-see places. Also, tourists may visit an impressive replica of the Noah’s Ark.


Another fascinating aspect of Arava is the local advanced farming. Research and development stations as well as individual farms are very welcoming. Visiting a fish-breeding station or an Aloe Vera farm becomes an unforgettable highlight for every visitor.


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