Nils Kraus - Nov 14, 2006

The Caspian coast of Turkmenistan has been recently designated as the focal point for massive investment in tourism industry. In the first of a series of projects aimed at propelling Turkmenistan into the league of elite vacation destinations, plans for a $27 million theme park have been approved.



The park spans 33 hectares in which 54 attractions introduce its guests to the nation’s folklore. Various characters are apparent throughout the resort, including Khudoibedy, who repels an attack of evil spirits, and obese Bovendjik, who swallows everyone in sight. The whole place was designed with eager support of Saparmurat Niyazov, the president of Turkmenistan. The park will be fully opened by February 2008.



A vast, man-made lake in the Kara Kum desert, a ski resort and a 40-meters pyramid built in the republic will also help turning Turkmenistan into an area frequented by visitors from all over the world.



The Ministry of railways has signed a contract with the Turkish Delta. This company is taking charge of the construction of a major tourist complex and health resort at Turkmenbashy, the Caspian city of Turkmenistan. It will have a lot to offer. Some attractions such as miniature architectural monuments and a rollercoaster will entertain younger guests, while bars, shops, physical therapy will satisfy need of other family members. For fitness minded guests there will be open and covered swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts. The complex can accommodate up to 200 guests in a range of price categories rooms.


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