Laura Maudlin - May 20, 2019
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The tourism revenues in Turkey could reach 100 billion dollars by 2023 with the digitization of tourism enterprises, according to the managing director of a Turkish technology and tourism company.

 “We need to adequately promote our tourism industry, we need to increase tourism revenues per visitor from 670 to 1,000 U.S. dollars,” Ramazan Becer, head of digital technology and tourism company CRM said.

Turkey could absorb tourists from high-income groups by taking measures in the tourism sector to ensure customer satisfaction, he said. He emphasized that the digital transformation of tourism enterprises would offer better marketing opportunities and more customer satisfaction.

Thanks to digital technologies, tourism companies can offer their customers a better quality of service by getting to know their food, entertainment and accommodation preferences.

Many tourism companies in Turkey either do not have websites or have websites that do not meet the requirements of the digital world. “Tourism companies must have social media accounts, communicate with customers and pursue the new technologies,” stressed the CEO. He reminded customers that before their departure, online platforms would inform them about every detail of their respective goals. In addition to digital technologies and advertising, call centers also play an important role in tourism.

The expert emphasized, that the key factor is synchronized and optimized work for a successful tourism marketing process.

Turkey registered around 39.5 million visitors last year and generated a turnover of 29.5 billion dollars during this period. The goal is to have 50 million tourists by 2023.

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