Tomas Haupt - Mar 26, 2018
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The tourism sector in Turin is on a decline, despite Italy as a whole holding on to the European trend of tourism growth with an approximate 3.5% increase.

In Turin everything is not as rosy. In a year there has been a noticeable drop of 20% in the number of hotel rooms booked. In particular, the downturn, compared to 2017, concerns precisely the month of March that is coming to an end.

There was a minor crisis for the tourism sector in Turin already in the last few weeks of last year when the data noted a decrease in the month of December in terms of room occupation.

A percentage that stood at 85.6% against 92.7% of the same period last season. A descending parabola that had pushed the hoteliers to launch the alarm and invite the mayors and institutions, on various occasions, to encourage the organization of big events, the true driving force of tourism. This could also be one of the causes of the decline in visitors to the city.

The chaos surrounding the New Year’s party enhanced the crisis of the tourism sector. It was supposed to be held at the main square but was moved to the Pala Alpitour. The postponement of Cioccolato also played its role. However, the city is confident that the coming months will be better, with events such as the International Book Fair taking place soon.

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