Andrew J. Wein - Jan 8, 2024
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According to a report by the Tunisian Tourism Office, the number of tourists who visited Tunisia in 2023 exceeded 9 million, a 50% increase compared to previous years. Additionally, the tourism sector generated approximately 2 billion euros in revenues until December 10th.

The top two nationalities that visited Tunisia were Algerian and Libyan tourists, with over 2.7 million and 2.1 million visitors, respectively. French tourists came in third with just under 1 million visitors. Overall, more than 4.8 million tourists from different nationalities visited the country, indicating the significant recovery of the Tunisian tourism sector post-Corona.

Tunisian authorities have recorded increased numbers of tourists from neighboring Maghreb countries over the past decade. This has made them rely on these tourists as a significant source of revenue in the country. Compared to tourists from Europe and other parts of the world, who mostly arrive by air, Libyan and Algerian tourists prefer visiting Tunisia by road.

The primary reason why tourists from both sides choose Tunisia is geographical proximity. Residents of the cities and regions of eastern Algeria and western Libya adjacent to the border find it convenient to visit Tunisia. Other factors, like language and cultural similarity, also encourage them to visit Tunisia for tourism, medical treatment, economic activities, or family visits.

Algerian tourists are particularly attracted to Tunisia due to the proximity factor. They have been the largest group of visitors to Tunisia for years, and many prefer cities like Sousse, Carthage, Hammamet, Tabarka, and others because of the short distance compared to any other destination in the world.

Aside from geographical proximity, those involved in the tourism industry highlight the quality of Tunisia's tourism infrastructure compared to those of Libya and Algeria. The quality and prices of services that Tunisia offers are also appropriate compared to other tourist destinations. These factors are essential in attracting thousands of Libyans and Algerians to Tunisia.

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