Ashley Nault - Jan 29, 2008
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More and more companies recognize that the healthy bottom line for their business highly depends on its key asset – the people. Human Resources (HR) professionals compete with numerous benefit packages for the top specialists and managers in order to attract and retain the best people in the field. What is dangerous however is that the personnel costs are going out of control. To keep the costs at the reasonable level and at the same time to draw attention to the organisation some HR mangers move from the local health service providers to the foreign facilities.


New destinations, even inside the enlarged EU, offer health and wellness services of the similar or higher quality for only a fraction of the price. The most obvious destinations are the Czech Republic and Hungary. These countries offer numerous curative programmes for different indications thanks to hundreds of natural mineral springs and healing mineral-rich mud. According to, a well known dealer of the Czech spa & wellness services, the interest for medical travel packages of the foreign corporate clients dramatically rose last year.


The most demanded SPA stays were those focused on the locomotive organ disorders, respiratory system diseases or heart & circulatory system diseases. Mrs. Eva Bendova, the manager, further adds that lately has grown in popularity also several specialized programmes such as “anti-stress”, “wellness & golf”, and similar. „The packages usually include accommodation, entry check up, about three spa procedures per day and other services. For all this the prices start at €300 per week which makes the Czech SPA resorts very competitive at the international market,” she said.


The opportunity of introducing a new and unique medical services within a company in combination with reasonable costs attract still more and more corporations. A growing number of organizations thus go for the corporate health services abroad. The current trend seems to be evident not only in Europe but the U.S. as well.

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