Dan Rang - Jul 31, 2007

The world is getting more and more dangerous. There are pirates attacking civil ships, kidnappers that want ransom for releasing their hostages, local wars and of course terrorists. There are many other dangerous situations which could a traveler get into. All those situations make traveling increasingly dangerous activity. The most endangered group of travelers is business travelers. They have to travel to various destinations all around the world. "As companies continue to globalize and move into emerging markets, threats to business travelers increase," says Ms. Laura Winthrop, Vice President of Control Risks International Support and Analysis division. The fact is that approximately half of all business people regularly travel to dangerous places. A survey of business travel security, conducted by Control Risks, has showed 59% of respondents did not really believe that their employer would be able to give them the correct advice in the event of an outbreak of violence, political unrest or a natural disaster. More than fifty percent (53%) of British respondents thought world is going to be more dangerous in the next five years. Forty percent of them said they are more likely to be targeted than other travelers by extremists or terrorists. The situation is quite unsatisfactory. Thirty eight percent of respondents never did any research on the political or social climate of the countries they visited and 40% would not know who to call if they were caught up in an emergency. A disturbing fact is that 72% of surveyed travelers never carried an emergency phone number. Sixty one percent of UK companies that send staff abroad have no clear travel security policy. “For many employees, the nature of their jobs requires that they travel to high risk destinations. If companies do not have a proper travel security program in place to support travelers, this is a clear breach of duty of care,” says Hannah Kitt, Director of Travel Security Services, at Control Risks.


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