Joe McClain - Sep 14, 2021
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Madrid and Barcelona are two of Spain's most prominent cities, perfectly connected by trains. You can therefore travel between them with great ease, convenience, and affordability. And what could be more fun than spending some days in Madrid and others in Barcelona? Both cities are very iconic, with Madrid being artistically inclined and culturally rich. On the other hand, Barcelona lures its visitors with its incredible architecture and amazing Mediterranean beaches. What's better? These cities are approximately 380 miles apart, and getting between them via train couldn't be easier.


Let's face it. Plane seats can get a little too much cramped and squishy. On the other hand, trains have broader and more comfortable seats with extra legroom allowing you to curl up, stretch up and cozy up throughout the journey. You want to get up and explore the cabins, no problem! If you are traveling with your kids, you can easily find a space between the carriages where they can settle down and get comfortable when they get tired of sitting. Suffice to say; all this flexibility does not only work for children. It is also great if you are one of those passengers that get bored fast or find it hard to remain seated on long journeys. Besides, with rail transport, you will most probably end up in the city, which eliminates the stress that comes with having to plan for connecting train or cab from and to the airport. Trains are fantastic, and having a world-class platform such as Omio where you can seamlessly book one makes traveling by train fancier and stress-free.

You Can Enjoy Incredible Scenery Along the Way

The best thing about getting from Barcelona to Madrid by train is that you can sit back and relax with your favorite drink, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. Even better, you do not have to reserve a seat, giving you the freedom to make a stop along the way and enjoy the beauty of some of the most charming cities such as Tarragona and Zaragoza. Besides, most train tracks navigate along the paths, which are hard and mostly impossible for other modes of transportation to maneuver; you will enjoy more close and personal views of some fantastic places which are ideally exclusive to you and your fellow travelers. From great farms to large and beautiful industrial cities, there is so much to see on your journey. You can therefore drown in the beauty of getting there rather than focusing on the ultimate destination.

It Is More Trouble-Free and Saves You Lots of Money

Traveling from Madrid to Barcelona via train takes approximately 2 hours 50 minutes, about one hour longer than when traveling by plane. All the same, a train ride might still be faster in the long run. Picture this. When you want to fly from Madrid to Barcelona, you will have to arrive at the airport long before departure. You will have to go through the security check-in process and then through security, then wait until the plane is fully boarded and ready for take-off—which makes traveling by plane way longer than advertised. If you land and the airport is on the city's outskirts, you will have to plan for additional means to get you to your ultimate destination. All these processes require a lot of time and energy, which you would save time if you went for a train ride. Besides, if you plan ahead, book your tickets online ahead of time. It can be cheaper using a train than renting a car or flying.

Some of the most prominent train companies in Spain include:

  • Renfe AVE
  • Spain-Renfe

These companies operate different train types and serve various routes to different destinations. Suffice to say, booking a train ticket from any of these companies is easy and convenient from online platforms such as Omio or with a smartphone app. Being the liveliest city in Spain, Barcelona has something for everyone. Whether you want a break to have a fine treat with some exotic cuisine or you are a sports fanatic looking to enjoy some fun moments, you are in for the most incredible vacation travels of your trip.

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