Theodore Slate - Oct 11, 2010

Zürich, one of the biggest Swiss cities, is also the financial capital of the country. However, people are drawn to the city mainly because of its cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere. Tourists enjoy local sights as well as bars even though they are rather expensive.


The sights of the city are very appealing. Fraumünster Cathedral that dates back to 13th century or Le Corbusier pavilion, where they show the plans and blueprints made by the famous architect, are very interesting. For those who are not interested in history, there are numerous clubs where tourists may enjoy drinks and meet local people. The prices in some of the places are, however, quite high and without a suit, it might be problem to be let in. There are also cheaper bars and dance halls near the Zürich lake. Prices at these places are much more affordable.

For easier traveling in the city, it is really convenient to have a Zürich Card. With it, tourists can use trams, buses as well as ships which will transport them across the lake Zürichsee. The card even makes it possible to go by the funicular free of charge. At some attractions tourists will be given a welcoming drink if they show the card.

As Novinky.cz reported, a visitor of the city, who does not speak at least three world languages, might be a little frustrated there as locals switch from one language to another very naturally. It has advantages too because there is a higher probability that you will run into someone who knows your mother tongue. Tourists can also notice very easily that people in Zürich are better of. The number of expensive cars and yachts speaks for itself.

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