Kevin Eagan - Sep 3, 2018
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Google launches a new Travel Trends tool to anticipate the evolution of air fares and to find the best hotel fares in high season.

Will Google end up having the skin of Kayak, Skycanner and other travel comparators? After the launch of Google Hotel Finder in 2011 and Google Flights in 2012, Google announces the launch of a new online tool that now allows users to track air fares according to the time of booking.

Developed by the Google News Lab and Polygraph agency, the Travel Trends tool is currently only available in English and focuses on only 3 key moments of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

The number of cities covered in the air section is also limited, but it should be noted that London is already one of the destinations covered.

The hotel section of Travel Trends highlights the hotels still available and offering the maximum discount in high season. There, Google opens to the whole world and Paris appears in good place, with offers to reserve in a few clicks via the engine.

And that's not all: the Google Flights map has been completed to highlight the best hotel rates for each destination. A feature that particularly targets Internet users looking for inspiration and good deals.

Since February 2018, Google also offers to book its hotel directly from the search page of the engine. Google would be wrong however to replace too quickly the Kayak and consorts, considering the astronomical sums that these marks spend in advertisements on the engine.

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