Sao Paulo Attractions: A City for Everyone

Wayne M. Gore - Aug 29, 2011
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The numerous Sao Paulo attractions make the city one of Brazil’s major cultural centers, combining ethnic diversity with a wide array of attractions that cater to the many cultural influences. According to the Sao Paulo Convention and Visitors Bureau, Sao Paulo has around 52 different types of cultural cuisines to offer the visitor, while the city itself is host to around 90,000 events each year! Clearly, there is something for everyone in Sao Paulo.

When it comes to families, Sao Paulo has several attractions for children. The Zoologico is home to more than 3,000 animal species, and also includes a petting zoo area for children to interact with some friendly creatures. The Sao Paulo Playcenter is perfect for thrill-seeking families, with rides, games, and Brazil’s biggest roller coaster! The Parque da Monica is another theme park for young children, and is based entirely around one of Brazil’s most popular cartoon characters, Monica.

Other activities in Sao Paulo include the Pinacoteca do Estado, one of the best art exhibits in the city for anyone wishing to experience Brazilian art, as well as the Sao Paulo Ibirapuera Park, which has over 2 million square meters of green space. Take in one of the free weekly Sunday morning concerts at Ibirapuera, and then make your way to one of the nearby Sao Paulo museums!

Some of the main Sao Paulo attractions are its diverse museum options – everything from an immigration museum, a museum of sacred art, Japanese history, to a museum of image and sound, and many more. It’s a chance to learn about the history and growth of Sao Paulo, and a visit to some of these museums can enhance your overall appreciation and understanding of the city.

There is also a number of guided city tours available in Sao Paulo, ranging from a full day’s group tour around the city’s art, museums, and parks, to a smaller, private tour that you can build according to the amount of time you have. Group tours are around $65-80 USD, but private tours will likely cost well over $100 USD.

Of course, if you have extra time, it is worth taking in one of the fantastic Sao Paulo sports events, such as horse racing at the Jockey Clube de Sao Paulo, or a motor race at the Brazil Formula 1 Grand-Prix track.

Finally, one of the Sao Paulo attractions that shouldn’t be missed by anyone is the chance to see a soccer match between some of the local clubs. There are four soccer clubs in Sao Paulo, and any match is going to be an experience and a half for an out-of-towner! Any hotel clerk will be able to tell you if there’s a match coming up, so don’t hesitate to ask!

As a city full of sights and sounds, Sao Paulo attractions are diverse, so you’ll never have to worry about finding something to do.

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