DESTINATION/ Rajasthan – The Land of Kingdoms

Indian Rajasthan fascinates the visitors with a myriad of colors decorating the local houses, clothes and food. Explore the land of maharaja, forts, luxury hotels and simple village life.


The Travel Jewels of Rajasthan

Nils Kraus

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, located in the country's arid northwest and is dominated by the Aravalli Range and the scrubby Thar Desert. The seat of Rajput power ever since the sixth century, the area is thick with carved marble temples and imposing forts. It was the center of the ancient empire's glamorous past, and even now it still attracts modern treasure hunters in search of jewelry, antiques, spices, and textiles, as well as anyone who wants to immerse in its courtly history. ...

Jodhpur: A City That Vibrates with Color

Larry Brain

Having spent more than two weeks exploring a string of Rajasthani cities by air, road and train, I am set to declare Jodhpur as my most vividly-remembered stay. With a mere 1.2 million inhabitants, the state’s second largest city is not as logistically disorienting as many others in India, and the profile and proximity of its markets and attractions make it feel like a city for walking and bicycle rickshaws if accommodation is strategically chosen. Better known in western travel circles fo...

Exotic Jaipur – The Maharaja’s City

Chris Grad

Jaipur forms the golden triangle that also comprises of Delhi and Agra. Being the capital of the state of Rajasthan, it is a bustling business center that provides all the amenities provided by a modern metropolis. Yet, it is the age-old charm of Jaipur that can really surprise any traveler. After all, old Jaipur is a city that is painted in Pink that remains a reminder of its legacy of romance and chivalry. Jaipur is a city that was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1744 A.D. The city i...

Rajasthan's Tourism Industry Growing

Laura Maudlin

The tourism industry accounts for about 8.6 per cent of India's national GDP. The industry is the largest in the service category and Rajasthan has not been left behind. The State of Rajasthan still holds its mettle as the preferred destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Tourism accounts for over 15 per cent of the Rajasthan's economy and attracts over 10 per cent of the foreign tourists visiting India annually. In 2010, the number of tourist arrivals in Rajasthan was 26.8 millio...