Our Profess ional section combines a variety of industry perspectives. The findings of HotelBenchmark (TM) Survey by Deloitte prove importance of sport and culture for hotels profitability. The readers interested in this article might find useful our section Heritage and Sport Tourism, discussing this phenomenon from a different perspective. Fashionable lifestyle hotels attract a growing interest of venture capitalists, and the results of European Lifestyle Hotel Survey 2006 shows that both large chains and smaller hotel systems are developing new products in this sector. Also, in this issue Hotel and Catering International Management Association announces its programs. We also publish information about new Berlin airport currently under construction. A new airport in the centre of Europe is big news for professionals in various sectors of the travel industry and we are planning to discuss this topic in details in the next issue…


New Airport in the Centre of Europe

James Morris

By 2011 the air traffic for the Berlin-Brandenburg region will be concentrated at the new airport of Berlin. Berlin’s airports traditionally have a strong focus toward Eastern Europe.

Sports, culture and conferences boost European hotel performance

Andrew J. Wein

A good run of sporting, cultural and corporate events across Europe have had a positive and immediate impact on hotel performance in the region.

Lifestyle Earns Profits

Gregory Dolgos

The lifestyle hotel section continues to be driven by a value for innovation and value for money, finds the European Lifestyle Hotel Survey 2006.

News from Professional Boards:Hotel and Catering International Management Association

Joe McClain

The HCIMA e-Learning Project HCIMA aims to strengthen its international reputation as a provider of the most appropriate qualifications for the hospitality industry by establishing new projects.