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Andrea Hausold - Sep 03, 2012
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When you talk about European major meeting destinations Romania may not be on the top of your list. Still, the medieval towns of this country have been very gracious in hosting many of the major international conventions attended by the important international players around the world.

The Romanian MICE Industry not only offers an attractive location for these meetings, it also showcases to the attendees the wonderful must-see sights of Romania's towns and cities. That is how this well-preserved country of culture and traditions maintains its mark throughout the world.

In the past few years, there have been major international meetings held in Romania. There was the NATO Summit in 2008, which can be considered as the most prominent one. The Francophonie Summit was also held in Romania back in 2006. Of course, who could forget the Universal Postal Union Congress in 2004? All of these prominent meetings have also made the local MICE industry quite visible in the world. After a few years, the progress in Romania's tourism has not faltered.

The most popular meeting center in Romania, is of course, Bucharest. This should not be a surprise given that the capital city has a lot to brag when it comes to theatres, museums, art galleries, opera houses, and libraries. The city also offers a number of quality hotels. All of these just show the potential of letting the major meetings be held in Bucharest because of its architectural fortune.

Among the main meeting centers in Bucharest is the Parliament Palace, Exhibit Centre-Romexpo, Chamber of Commerce - Conference Centre, and World Trade Centre.

Bucharest also has several historical buildings that can still serve as function areas for meetings of up to 800 attendees: Romanian Athenaeum, The National Museum of Art, Cantacuzino Palace, Military Club, and Patriarchs's Palace.

It is not only Bucharest that is highlighted when it comes to international meeting locations. Over the years, Romania has been consistently chosen for meetings in that great cities like Brasov, Timisoara, Sibiu, Constanta, Cluj, and Iasi.

In the year 2012 alone, for the last two quarters, there are already over 40 conferences plotted across Romania. That number alone would prove how much Romania has become popular for MICE tourism.

What makes Romania very attractive to tourists, especially those who would like to mix business with pleasure is the fact that the country has a lot of sights to explore. Thus, it is not only about providing a venue for the events. The attendees of the events can experience Romania's festive and rich history, as well as have a feel of their culture. The sights are magnificent.

Besides, Bucharest, there are other places in Romania, that have slowly become the most-wanted spots for these meetings.

Transylvania: The reason why Transylvania has become one of the most chosen when it comes to meeting locations, is because it is close to the medieval towns that have made Europe popular in this aspect. There are castles and towers that feature Old Saxon architecture. There are also churches note-worthy of any tourist's visit. Moreover, despite the preservation of these wonderful historic towns, Transylvania has progressed when it comes to economy. They have enough quality hotels and venues that can meet more than the tourists' expectations. They also have three international airports and state-of-the-art railway systems.

Moldova: Everything beautiful and historic can be found in this eastern part of Romania. It is also known for its number of Orthodox churches. The most popular of these are the Painted Monasteries that are designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. You can just imagine why many people would like to have their meetings and conferences set in these locations.

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