ETHICAL: Accessible World? Holidays for the Disabled

Holidays for disabled tourists or accessible tourism for tourists with special needs attracts more and more attention over the time. The topic has not only a social aspect but also commercial value of this specific travel segment growth.


Accessible Cities - Friendly Travel Destinations for Disabled Tourists

Laura Maudlin

A few years back not many travel destinations were accessible to the disabled. However, in recent times most tourist destination cities have made efforts to ensure that their towns, hotels and their tourist attraction sites are accessible to all people including the physically disabled. The following are five accessible cities that the disabled can travel to. Italy- Venice There are several hotels that offer accessible facilities in Venice. These facilities usually include, large bathroom d...

Air Travel for Handicapped Travelers

Wayne M. Gore

There are thousands of individuals that travel by air every year. Some individuals are able-bodied and others are handicapped. Handicapped or disabled travelers face a number of issues while traveling that other more able- bodied passengers do not face. Some of the problems that are faced by handicapped travelers in taking a trip by plane are difficulties in check in. Check-in can be especially difficult for those that are disabled due to the security requirements and long lines at security chec...

How Should Hotels Enhance Accessibility for Guests with Special Needs?

Nils Kraus

Despite the relatively wide gap in accessibility tourism research and availability of forums aimed at establishing and streamlining hospitality industry practices in order to create inclusive environments, significant gains have been made over the last decade. Many countries around the world have passed legislations that ban any form of discrimination towards the disabled and have included guidelines for the hospitality industry players to modify their facilities like hotels and transport facili...

Accessible Tourism in India: The Right Moves

Cecilia Garland

A small proportion of Indian travelers with distinctive needs and disabilities explore the world; spend money to explore destinations that boost barrier-free travel. Though there is still far away before India becomes a seamless destination for accessible tourism.  The Indian hospitality industry, for example, has a long way to go through awareness has improved in the years. It is no doubt that apart from a quite few 5* hotel chains, the mid-market and the budget category has a huge potential i...