Low Cost Sight-seeing in Bucharest

Nils Kraus - Sep 03, 2012
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For travelers that choose to spend their vacation in Romania, visiting the capital city of Bucharest is an absolute must. The city's stunning beauty and rich history make it a popular spot for rookie and veteran travelers alike. For those on a budget though, experiencing Bucharest to the full might seem difficult. However, there is plenty to see and do at low cost as well.


Before exploring any landmarks budget travelers often seek affordable accommodation. Eastern European culture opens up a few housing options that might seem a bit strange to those from the Western World. For those looking for a place to crash on a budget, rooming with a local is the first and perhaps best option. People willing to lend out their couch or spare bedroom are all over the web, just be sure to do your research first!

For those looking for the hostel experience, there are a multitude of options to choose from, with prices never going over ten Euros per night. If you absolutely must stay in a hotel though, there are three star options for as little as thirty Euros per night, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank.


As to moving around the capital, fortunately for most tourists, there is little need to leave the major urban area of the city. Most attractions are within walking distance, and usually favorable weather and plenty of sites to see make on foot travel the ideal way to enjoy your vacation.

For those who are tired or want to move quickly, there are a few different subway and train services to choose from, none costing more than a Euro or two for a single ride. Multiple trip passes can be purchased at deeply discounted prices as well. Buses and trams also run throughout the city, but tickets must be purchased in advance. Fortunately there are offices spread throughout the Bucharest, and trips cost about a Euro.


  • Palace of the Parliament: This famous building was not originally built to hold the democratic government that Romania has today. Originally, it was meant to serve as the crown jewel to the communist regime that ran most of Eurasia east of Berlin. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the newly established parliament moved into this architectural wonder that features over 1,000 rooms. Parts of it are always open to the public, and guided tours are available for just a few Euros.
  • Village Museum: This is arguably the best spot to see how the average Romanian citizen has lived throughout time. With real homes and replicas spanning hundreds of years (and imported from throughout the country), this immersive experience is a must for any historical buff. It gives an amazing insight both into the mindset of Romania's people and to how they've grown and adapted to the ever changing world. It only costs about two Euros to get in too!
  • Antipa Museum: For those who are more interested in natural history, this is the top facility in Bucharest (and perhaps all of Romania). Focusing solely on animal species, rock samples, and human artifacts from the country itself, this very "niche" museum will present seasoned travelers with pieces that they cannot find anywhere else. The collection has been growing since the 1700s, and includes amazing works. Pricing varies depending on the season, but is never more than a few Euros.
  • Revolution Square: It may not be very imaginatively named, but this is arguably one of the most important sites in the entire city. The masses gathered here in late 1989, tired of being oppressed under a government that did not care for them. This is the location where Ceausescu gave his last speech, and also where the violence of the revolution first broke out. It certainly has one of those eerie presences that all great battlefields have, and can have a profound effect on those who visit. The square is free and open to the public at all hours.

Don't let money stop you from seeing what is arguably the best city in Romania. If you're on a budget, the kind people of Bucharest are willing to accommodate you, and you can look forward to the experience of a lifetime.

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