Larry Brain - Nov 22, 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic is having a devastating effect on the tourism industry worldwide, but countries and regions around the world are experiencing a gradual recovery. In this context, Google, in cooperation with Ipsos, has analyzed the revival of the sector, identifying some of the most notable travel recovery trends in the coming year.

The desire for “Life Moments”

According to the results of the survey, 56 % of Americans consider it likely that they will experience a so-called “life moment” in the travel context in the two years to come.

Specifically speaking, 78 % of those surveyed are looking to travel either for work, due to a wedding or with the intent to educate themselves or move.

Experience and Affordability

Various deciding factors are relevant for tourists when choosing services for a “life moment”. 62 % of the respondents say that previous experience is important, while 78 % consider cancellation policies an important factor. Not surprisingly, 85 % of Americans are looking for affordable prices.

People are also very conscious with regards to safety and health regulations, as 70 % consider COVID related guidelines important for their choices.

Importance of Culture

Moreover, according to the data, one of the travel recovery trends is also the growing importance of culture. According to the company’s report in cooperation with Storyline Strategies, 86 % of tourists see “cultural engagement” as the decisive factor for their destination choices.

In addition, 75 % of respondents are determined to look for information connected to their culture and ethnicity. Important sources of information in this regard are travel sites, social media influencers but also friends and family.

Environmental Aspects

Finally, Google has noted the environmental aspect as one of the tourism recovery trends that will be shaping the revival of the sector. According to the survey, 50 % of respondents see environmental factors as one of the aspects to consider when planning their vacation.

Finally, more than half of those who have made a booking for a “life moment” consider sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions extremely important for their travel choices.

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