James Morris - Dec 5, 2011

Low cost traveling offers many possibilities to budget-minded globetrotters. A German journalist managed to visit five continents for EUR 1000.

Many travelers and adventurers long to see the deserts of Africa, plains of Australia, Asian temples and many other gems scattered all around the world. Long distance journeys however may not cost a fortune if you travel low cost. Thomas Nielmietz, a German journalist, managed to visit five continents for less than EUR 1000. He offered his tips how to get to your dream destinations.

“Nowadays it is common to travel to Rome or London just for a weekend break or to do some shopping. These are first of all possible because of the low cost flights that enable that for surprisingly low prices,” claimed Nielmietz, quoted by Spiegel.de. Considering the possibilities he decided to set on a journey and see how far he can go with EUR 1000 in his pocket.

When the journalist looked at the ticket prices he realized that the longer the journey, the higher the cost. That is why he decided to travel from Mainz (Germany), where he started his tour, to Sydney (Australia) through Africa and Asia. The shorter flights were much cheaper, thus he recommends that if you want to take a long journey low cost, just make several stops on the way.

Another tip of Nielmietz is look for a low cost ticket in advance if possible. However if you don´t have the luxury of time, browse more than one website offering flight tickets. Sometimes special offers occur and quickly disappear. Another option is to buy a second hand ticket online or just the old style way – by asking people.

Nielmietz’s expenses did not cover the accommodation though. “This would be impossible” he said. “For EUR 1000 in 40 days you could make yourself comfortable only under a bridge.”

However, he did manage to go for several tours and trips. For instance, he went for a camel bus in Morocco and for a local tour in Thailand.

Nielmietz came back to Germany with EUR 39,48 left in his pocket. So get inspired and travel low cost!

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