Denise Chen - Dec 21, 2018

Avid travelers are interested in the top travel trends for 2019 so that they can plan destinations to visit. The Broadway Travel is an online travel retailer that uses Google Trends to provide information to the clients. The company was founded more than seven-decade ago and has been the most reliable partner when it comes to providing the right city breaks and holiday deals since 1948.

Exploring the world has never been easier thanks to the relatively low budget airlines that have made traveling more accessible. Broadway Travel has been able to look into the travel trends in the past and has been able to come up with interesting statistics.

Tourists have begun returning to Egypt following the increased political stability in the country. For the past seven years, tourists were avoiding Egypt because of the political and economic turmoil in the country. The fortunes have thus changed, and according to the Google Trends, the surge in numbers is likely to increase.

Secondly, it has been revealed that more people are likely to go for the city breaks because they make them happy. The romantic holidays have on the other hand dwindled by 16 percent in the last four years. The trends also indicate that Romania is likely to be the next Berlin in 2020 attracting increasing numbers of visitors.

According to Broadway Travel trends, the set-jetting is the new travel destination trend. Television shows like the Game of Thrones have become popular and are the talk of the town. Most of the individuals are increasingly visiting the prominent film locations to have a look at some of these areas where great films are shot. Croatia for example is a great beneficiary of this latest trend as many tourists visited the country to see where the Game of Thrones series was shot. There has been a significant rise in search of Dubrovnik following the release of Season 5 in 2015. According to the Google trends, the numbers are likely to soar higher when the final season of Game of Thrones is released.

Greece is another country that posted increased numbers when it comes to the number of people who went for city breaks and holiday. It received 30 million tourists with approximately two million of them heading to Santorini. Santorini is renowned for the beautiful weather, splendid views, and romantic air that is perfect for the newly-weds that are going for honeymoon. The region has experienced a significant rise of over 56 percent between 2014 and 2018.  According to the holiday trends of 2019, many people in the United Kingdom prefer to visit places that are closer to their homes. Prague, Romania, and France are some of the favorite destinations for people in the United Kingdom seeking holidays and city breaks.

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