Samuel Dorsi - Jul 5, 2013
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If you are considering laser eye surgery and cost is a factor, you may have thought about travelling abroad for treatment. Medical tourism is now a global industry and laser eye surgery is one of the most popular treatments that people will travel abroad to undergo. Finding a specialist laser eye surgeon in the UK is certainly something that can take a lot of time to research in order to feel comfortable. When considering having treatment abroad, the time taken to find the right clinic will be made longer and the costs of travel on top of the costs of the treatment should also be considered.

There are advantages and disadvantages, whether travelling abroad or staying in the UK for laser eye surgery. A good starting point would be to find out more about the cost of laser eye surgery in the UK and abroad.

When travelling abroad for laser eye surgery, the main advantage is cost. Clinics in Eastern Europe offer deals starting from just a few hundred pounds. Another advantage of travelling abroad for treatment is the ability to combine your laser eye surgery with a holiday in sunny location.

The language barrier when travelling abroad, however, can be a negative factor, depending on the country you choose. The countries with the highest discounts on price usually don’t speak English, so it may be harder to communicate. Aftercare is usually limited and due to the fact that you have to return to the UK, you are unlikely to receive adequate aftercare post-surgery. This may also have cost implications when you return to the UK and you may even end up paying more than you would have if you had stayed.

The advantages of staying in the UK may now seem more obvious. You are more likely to get a better initial diagnosis, which could help to achieve a good result. The aftercare you will receive will be guaranteed as part of your treatment and the technology used in the UK is said to be amongst the most advanced in the world.

Treatment in the UK can be costly, although many UK providers like Optimax offering finance facilities that allow you to spread the cost of your treatment.

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