Sara Thopson - Jun 1, 2015
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International tourist spending in Spain set a new record in the first four months of the year, reaching 15.919 million euros, a 7.2% increase over the same period in 2014. These are the results of a Tourist Spending survey conducted by the General Department of Knowledge and Tourism Studies, a division of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The survey shows that the average daily spending rose by 4.4% to 116 euros, and the average expenditure per tourist increased 2.6% to 994 euros. In April, international tourist spending reached 5.155 billion euros (+ 7.6%) due to the increase in the number of tourists (+ 2.8%), the upward movement of average tourist spending to 953 euros (+ 4.7%), and the rise in average daily spending to 116 euros (+7%).

Between January and April, UK tourists increased their spending on trips to Spain to 2.887 billion euros, up 7.2% and accounting for 18.1% of total expenditure. They were followed by German tourists, with 2.840 billion euros (-2.3%) and 15.6% of total expenditure; the Nordic countries, with 1.787 billion euros (-10.6%), and the French, with 1.675 billion euros (+ 17.7%). Meanwhile, Italy increased by 28.6% to 762 million euros, amounting to 4.8% of the total for international visitors.

The Canary Islands (-1%) is the leading major destination, accounting for 4.614 billion euros or 29% of total spending up to April, due to a 0.3% decrease in spending per tourist (1,139 euros), but with a 4.2% increase in  daily spending (116 euros).

Catalonia (+ 10.6%) accounts for 22% of total expenditure, amounting to 3.499 billion euros, with a 5.9% increase in spending per tourist (853 euros) and a 7.5% rise in daily spending (139 euros).

It is followed by Andalusia (+ 7.8%), with a total of 15.5% of the expenditure and 2.465 billion euros over the period. Up to April Andalusia recorded a 0.9% increase in spending per tourist (1.138 billion euros) and a 2% increase in daily expenditure (106 euros).

The Community of Madrid (11.4% of total spending) is another major destination, reaching 1.818 billion (+ 18.8%), and with a 6.3% increase in expenditure per tourist (1.165 billion euros) but with a 1.4% drop in daily spending (156 euros).

Completing the list is Valencia, with a 8.1% increase (1.266 billion euros) and the Balearic Islands, with 10% growth (1.036 billion).

With regard to the type of tourist accommodation during the first four months of the year, total spending on hotel accommodation – which represents 64.2% of the total – rose by 5.7% over the same period in 2014 and reached 10.228 billion euros. Specifically, average expenditure per tourist increased to 985 euros (+ 1.8%), while there was a larger increase in daily spending which rose by 4.9% to 154 euros per day.

On the other hand, up to April non-hotel accommodation 35.8% of the total grew by 9.8%, to a total of 5.691 billion euros. This result was driven by both an increase in average tourist spending to 1,011 euros (+ 4.2%), and growth in average daily spending to 81 euros per day (+ 5.1%).

As for travel arrangements in the first four months of 2014, there was a 9.5% increase in the numbers traveling without a package, 67.1% of the total, reaching 10.683 billion euros, while those traveling with tour packages 32.9% of the total – grew by 2.8%.

In addition, the average individual spending for those who travelled with a tour package jumped 2.4% to 914 euros, while daily spending jumped 4% to 104 euros per day. Those traveling without a tour package increased their average expenditure per tourist by 2.4% (914 euros) and their average daily spending by 4% (104 euros).

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