Samuel Dorsi - Dec 5, 2016
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Average tourist spending by foreign visitors to Mexico is only half of what it is in Dominican Republic, and at least 300% below that of the United States, India and Australia, according to a study by Anahuac University and the National Tourism Business Council (CNET).

According to the data of the Bank of Mexico, average tourist spending in the country was 483 dollars in 2015. The report reveals that spending by all foreign tourists who come to Mexico is 551 dollars on average.

In contrast, spending in the Dominican Republic is almost double, while India has an average spending of $2,625, that is, 376.4% higher than Mexico.

The United States reported the average tourist spending of $ 2,369, which is 379% higher than in Mexico, while in Australia - the country with the highest average tourist spending globally – it is $ 3,973, or 621% above the rates of Mexico.

Globally, Mexico is ninth among the countries most visited by international tourists, but in terms of average spending per tourist, it is ranked at 41, according to the report by Anáhuac University and CNET, based on a list from the World Tourism Organization (OMT). Vietnam and the Philippines, with $924 and $981 respectively, have higher average tourist spending than Mexico.

Even taking into account only the US $821 average spending by foreign visitors arriving by air (inbound tourists), this amount is barely enough to put Mexico in 28th place in this segment on the UNWTO list.

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