Ashley Nault - May 6, 2019
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Nightlife is an activity of great relevance for the tourist sector especially in the big cities and the capitals of countries with strong tourism offer. These are the findings of a report 'Night leisure at the global level: a phenomenon of economic dynamization', published by Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality.

According to the report, Spain is one of the world leaders with respect to the offer of nightlife activities. Tourist sector employs about 250,000 people directly and indirectly in Spain. Besides, 23% of those traveling to Spain do so attracted by the options offered at night, and 11% of GDP, around 3% of that percentage is due to that segment.

The study states that, according to the ranking of 100 best clubs in the world, developed by the International Nightlife Association, in 2018 Spain was at the top of the world in terms of the quality of its nightlife offer. The ranking assesses aspects such as the quality of sound, Dj's level, services or safety, among others. 22 Spanish clubs reached the 100 list: 13 from Ibiza, five from Barcelona, two from Madrid, one from Marbella and one from Lleida.

Spain leads the list with a big difference compared to its immediate followers – United States, Great Britain, Italy and Brazil.

According to the Night-Time Industries Association, the income generated by the nocturnal economy in Great Britain is of approximately 66,000 million pounds annually – about 77,000 million Euros. Nighttime activities employ about 1.3 million people, representing around 8% of British employment.

In the US, only in New York, there are 26,000 establishments where eating or drinking at night and nightlife brings 10 billion dollars to the city's economy (about 8,780 million euros) and generates 300,000 jobs

On the other hand, World’s 50 Best Bars produces several rankings with the best bars in the world in various categories. The most important is the 50 best bars in the world by countries, where the leaders are the United States and Great Britain with 10 locations each on the list, followed by Singapore, with five, and Germany, China, Spain, France, Greece, Japan and Mexico with two bars on the list each.

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