Tomas Haupt - Apr 27, 2023
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Winter 2022-2023 has been a great season for tourist residences, as per the French National Union of Tourist Residences (SNRT). The occupancy rate was recorded at 66%, which is quite similar to that of the previous winter's 68%. The winter of 2021/2022 is set to be a bumper season as the health crisis comes to an end and businesses bounce back with increased activity.

The SNRT reported that the French mountain resorts were particularly successful in January due to a favorable balance between European holiday schedules. Properties rated 5 and 4 enjoyed an especially large influx of customers, indicating the return of foreign visitors to these sites.

Difficulties related to strikes in city residences

This period’s overall occupancy rate on the coast is 36%, which has grown by 14% compared to the last winter season. Destinations such as Normandy are seeing a particularly high occupancy owing to the convenience they offer for short stays. In contrast to other areas, stays of longer duration have proven successful in Mediterranean coastal areas in recent weeks.

The impact of strikes on urban areas has been decreasing in recent weeks. Unfortunately, this does not translate to a high occupancy rate in the winter season, with only 63% recorded for the period. Spring has been successful in terms of occupancy rate, as it has risen to 75% during the first week of April. Furthermore, certain cities such as Paris, Toulouse, and Lyon have experienced an even higher level and surpassed 80%.

For those looking for a winter getaway, residences in rural areas offer an alternative to snow-free areas and are currently at 50% full occupancy.

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