Dan Rang - Jul 17, 2022
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Tourist arrivals reached more than 1,140,000 people during June 2022, growing by 5% compared to June 2019 and 235% compared to June 2021, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy.

"The sector maintains its sustained rhythm through all the aggregators, including the number of tourist arrivals. The month of June has recorded more than 1,140,000 tourist arrivals. A performance exceeding that of June 2019, having experienced the arrival of 1,092,000, a growth of 5%. This growth is further accentuated in comparison with the same period of 2021 to reach 235%, "says the ministry.

The tourism sector in Morocco continues its ascent to its pre-pandemic levels, and the accelerated pace of recovery even presages an overtaking of 2019 performance for the summer period.

According to the Department of Tourism, Moroccans living abroad (MLA) have strongly contributed to this growth, with the arrival of 620,000 MLA in June, an increase of 27% compared to June 2019. However, it should be noted that these arrivals will peak during July and August 2022.

Several factors will contribute to the acceleration of this recovery, including the strengthening of air capacity, which exceeds that of 2019, the various partnerships signed with tour operators to secure a significant number of arrivals, and the various measures undertaken in favor of the attractiveness of the destination, such as the launch of the electronic visa from July 10, and whose impacts will be felt on the medium-term arrivals to the kingdom.

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