Joe McClain - Sep 21, 2023
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Greece's bed tax will increase next year. The additional revenue will be used to fund natural disaster relief.

Greece experienced a tumultuous summer with devastating forest fires and floods that claimed numerous lives and caused massive damage.

At the same time, Greece is experiencing a surge in tourism. The country is expected to surpass its previous 33 million tourists record in 2019 this year. The Greek government is keen to capitalize on this trend.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has pledged to assist people impacted by the recent flood disaster. He made this announcement during the Thessaloniki tourism fair. In addition, Mitsotakis also declared that a natural disaster fund will be established in the future. All companies must have full insurance coverage against natural disasters. To finance reconstruction and disaster recovery, tourism will also play a critical role.

Starting in 2024, tourists planning a trip to Greece will need to shell out more money due to the increase in tourism taxes for all types of accommodation in the country. The tourism tax ranges from 50 cents to four euros per night, depending on the accommodation type. However, from next year, the tax on one or two-star hotels will be 1.50 euros, up from 0.50 euros. Three-star hotels will be taxed three euros, up from 1.50 euros. Four-star hotels will be taxed seven euros, up from 3 euros, while five-star hotels will pay ten euros, up from 4 euros. The Greek government expects this increase to result in additional revenue of up to 300 million euros in 2024.

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