Ashley Nault - Jan 9, 2023
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The economic slowdown feared in Canada in 2023 is not a cause for concern in the offices of destination Québec. After the better-than-expected year of 2022, the tourism industry is even expecting to return to full capacity.

There was no shortage of questions last spring as the tourism industry in Quebec emerged from a second winter of health restrictions and lockdowns. "We were thinking, 'We'll be lucky to get 75% of the 2019 volume,'" recalls Robert Mercure, general manager of the Quebec City Tourism Office.

Fears quickly faded and the region has just had a year beyond expectations. The Quebec City Tourism Office believes that this upward trend in 2022 will continue in 2023, even though economists are expecting economic stagnation or even a recession.

"The demand for the region is unheard of. It's very, very strong. The rates are there, people are willing to pay. It's very encouraging," says Mercure. In his opinion, the industry could easily get to 95 percent of the volume. "

According to Destination Quebec cited data (Office of Tourism), the U.S. market was back at 75% of the 2019 pre-pandemic baseline volume.

The Board has deployed the most important marketing campaign in its history over the past year to recapture the American market, particularly the New England market.

The Tourism Office was also concerned that Quebecers and Canadians would choose tourist destinations other than Quebec City, especially with the reopening of international borders. These two markets finally responded, with a 100% return.

The European market, meanwhile, was surprised with an 80% return in 2019.

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