Larry Brain - Jul 4, 2023
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Starting August 15, the electronic visa for Vietnam will now be valid for 90 days instead of 30. Additionally, citizens of countries exempted from visa requirements can now stay in the country for 45 days instead of 15. The new visa policy is expected to attract more foreign tourists.

The head of the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) secretariat said that a more favorable visa policy would boost the tourism industry as the high season is at the end of the year. Vietnam could welcome 12 million foreign tourists in 2023, surpassing the target of 8 million set earlier this year.

The authority believes implementing this policy will have positive effects, such as increasing visitors, extending their stays, and boosting spending. Additionally, it could result in more air passengers, improved trade, and heightened interest from foreign investors.

Vietnam's electronic visa is only available for citizens of 80 countries, fewer than other countries in the region, like Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Experts recommend expanding the list of visa-free countries to attract more visitors in the third quarter. The TAB has proposed expanding the inventory until August 2023 to the government.

According to the UNWTO and the World Travel Council and Tourism (WTTC), a favorable visa policy can increase the number of foreign visitors from 5 to 25 percent each year. However, to fully benefit from this policy, it is recommended to take coordinated steps such as promoting aggressively, creating appealing and standard products, overseeing destinations, and enhancing workforce skills.

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