Andrew J. Wein - Jan 8, 2018
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After the year of 2016 that was heavily impacted by the repercussions of the terrorist attacks of 2015 and 2016, tourism in Paris returns in 2017 to positive numbers.

In September, the cumulative number of hotel guests in the last 12 months in the Paris region surpassed the record that was achieved in 2012, reaching 23.1 million hotel arrivals. 2017 should thus see an increase in tourist visits of 10% to 12% compared to 2016 and 5% to 7% compared to 2015, exceeding for the first time the 23 million arrivals to hotels.

"2017 is more than a recovery, it's almost an exceedance of what was 2014, the last year of the great era of tourism," said Frédéric Valletoux, President of the Regional Tourism Committee for Paris and Ile-de-France and Mayor of Fontainebleau. An upturn that benefits mainly the capital and the Paris region resulted in an increase in the number of foreign visitors in Île-de-France recorded by 14% since January 2017.

Business tourism and international tourism in Paris have been also increasing. As for the leisure sector, the possibility for improvement is still in sight. The overnight stays of leisure customers have not yet returned to their levels prior to the terrorist attacks of 2017 (between 7 and 8 million overnight stays difference).

"The goal of the government to welcome 100 million tourists by 2020, is achievable, if there is no turn around, and if 2017 launches 2018 and 2019 equally as positive," says the manager.

The scenario of the continuity of tourism in Paris is taking place as expected, after events such as the ones that Paris has known: a return in the first place of domestic visitors (French, business tourists), then leisure customers (with the exception of the United Kingdom whose purchasing power has been impacted by the fall in the pound sterling).

This combination of customers has always been the secret of the success of the Paris region. It makes it possible to look upon 2018 with optimism. Major events, such as the Ryder Cup, the Gay Games and the European Respiratory Society congress should allow Paris to stay on the front of the tourist scene next year.

In the longer term, the prospect of the 2024 Olympic Games will also help to boost the image of the destination.

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