Denise Chen - Oct 26, 2010
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Many tourists, mainly from neighboring of the USA, now consider Mexico to be a bargain and not the dangerous drug-ridden country it has often been depicted in the media.


Tourists can be forgiven for not wanting to take their holidays in Mexico. The country has suffered from a terrible reputation in recent years, especially in the southern part of America, where Mexican immigrants often do little to help the country’s cause. Majority of newspapers also write about problems with drugs and violence across the border. However, tourists have, understandably, decided to reduce the risk of getting shot and have started heading to beach resorts. Riviera Maya and Cozumel are now full of American and British tourists, who simply turn a blind eye to the problems inland.

This, naturally, means visiting Mexico by air, something which 7.1 million tourists have managed to do in the first 8 months of this year. Despite the outbreak of swine flu, Mexico has now become a bargain hunter’s paradise-a much cheaper option to a beach holiday in the US or in Europe. US citizens made up 4.33 million of the above figure, meaning that advertising campaigns are focused mainly on them.

Much of the newfound success has been credited to a marketing campaign, which started in July. The logo of the campaign is “Mexico, the place you thought you knew” and has already been labeled a success. To put a percentage on this success; Mexican tourism is up 20% this year alone. If the beach resorts are talked about more and the bloodthirsty drug barons are ignored, the percentage should increase.

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