Andrew J. Wein - Nov 13, 2023
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According to the delegate councilor for tourism, Almudna Maíllo, Madrid's tourism numbers have exceeded the figures projected for 2022 by over 15%. If the current trend continues, the city could surpass its pre-pandemic tourism levels by the end of the year. While the sector is doing well in all cities, tourism in Madrid is performing exceptionally well, with a growth rate of 15.9% compared to the previous year, while the national average is 5.3%.

The tourism delegate has reported positive data regarding tourism in Madrid from both national and international visitors, particularly in the North American market. Despite the pandemic, the numbers have already exceeded expectations. Additionally, there are now more air connections with Latin America.

According to the councilor, Madrid has become a gateway to Europe and a destination in and of itself. Previously, many Latin American tourists used to pass through Madrid to reach other European cities, but now Madrid has become a desirable destination. The councilor emphasized that Madrid is now "the fourth urban destination in the world."

Madrid is experiencing growth in conference tourism, a significant contributor to the Spanish economy with a direct impact of almost 2 billion euros. For the fourth consecutive year, Madrid has been declared the best conference destination in the world. Additionally, average tourist spending in Madrid has increased from 280 euros per day before the pandemic to 360 euros presently.

Experts have also emphasized that seven out of every ten tourists who visit Madrid did not know the city and its attractions. It was also pointed out that tourism in Madrid accounts for 12% of the capital's GDP, while its indirect impact can reach 22%.

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